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Do you need cost-effective drain lining services? Get in touch with Premier Drainage Co. Ltd today.


Is your damaged drainage system causing repeated blockages? Contact Premier Drainage Co. Ltd to repair it in a cost-effective way. Our team can offer you efficient drain lining services. Whether you require a localised repair (patchliner) or an entire length of drain repair, drain lining can be an effective no-dig alternative.


- Flood prevention
- Drain lining and repairs
- Gully installations
- Free, no-obligation quotes


At Premier Drainage Co. Ltd, all our work is fully guaranteed and insured. Contact our drain repair specialists today. In addition to drain repairs, we also offer high-reach gutter cleaning services.


Trench-less Sewer Repair Methods Explained:
It is not always evident on the surface that you may have cracks or roots in your drainage system. A CCTV camera unit will diagnose any problems within your drainage system which will determine the best solution to repair your drain.

Unfortunately, sometimes your drains or sewers will require repairing or replacement. Premier Drainage Company Ltd know excavation is a last resort and through knowledge and experience, can expertly repair your drains without the need for excavation work.

Our experienced Drain Repair Engineers can either reline the entire drain or install patch liners in the area which requires repairing to ensure that the drain is repaired in the most cost-effective way possible. Our no-dig drain repairs are guaranteed for a period of between 10 and 15 years depending on the repair method used. We are an approved Brawo Liner installer. This is a specialist product designed to allow drains with multiple bends and changes of diameter to be relined

We can also repair Pitch Fibre drains using our specialist Re-rounding equipment which will reform pitch fibre drains which can then be lined to provide a guaranteed no-dig structural repair

Contact us for:

- Drain Lining
- Brawo Lining
- Silicate Patch Liners for Isolated repairs
- Pipe Bursting/Upsizing
- Pitch Fibre Re-rounding
- New Manhole/inspection chambers
- Manhole cover replacement
- Gully Replacement
- Excavation of broken/collapsed drains
- New Drain installations
- Installation of anti-flood valves
- Installation of rat flaps

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